The SCOTT Plasma Premium was designed to not only be aerodynamically sound, but also to be faster WITH a moving rider on it than without. With European and World Championships to its name, it is safe to say that the Plasma 5 is a cut above the rest. Next level adjustability, fuel storage and integration make the Plasma 5 not just a bike, but rather a well-oiled machine with one intention and one intention only- the top step.

Rama 1390 g
Widelec 395 g

  • HMX Carbon Mainframe, HMX Carbon fork, compatible for Di2 and mech. Shifting

HMX Carbon fork

  • Plsma 5 headset, Plasma 5 stem, Plasma 5 handlebar / aerobar, Plasma 5 front brake, Plasma 5 Aero bottle, plasma 5 storage box, Plasma HMX seatpost


  • S51
  • M54
  • L57
  • XL60

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